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First Nations/Metis/Inuit Mobility Study: Final Report

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Research Paper / Project Report
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Distaslo, Jino; Sylvester, Gina; Jaccubucci, Christa; Mulligan, Susan; Sargent, Kurt
Institute of Urban Studies: University of Winnipeg; Assembley of Manitoba Chiefs; Manitoba Metis Fed
Western Economic Diversification Canada
The First Nations/Metis/Inuit Mobility study conducted interviews with persons recently moving to Winnipeg. The objective was to examine the mobility process from two perspectives: the initial move into the city and the reasons why, and the subsequent pattern of movement within the city once persons remained. The research also assessed the pattern of service use during this period to better understand the needs of persons as they adjusted to living in the city. The results point to a slow transition process, along with an increase in the number of respondents who were unable to find suitable housing. The findings suggest that support is needed at two critical junctures. First, and perhaps most important, is when people initially arrive in the city. It is absolutely critical there be assistance available to connect people in need to the services required, especially housing. The second critical point where help is most needed is during the first few months of living in the city, where increased residential instability was observed.
Aboriginal; First Nations; Inuit; mobility; Winnipeg; urbanization; social services; housing; residential instability; residential mobility; affordable housing; inner city; housing suitability; quality of housing; movement; residence crowding; subsidized rent