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British Columbia Persons With AIDS Society Newsletter Issue #101 February/March 1998

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2 TO ALL CHRISTMAS ANGELS. Thanks for supporing our annual Christmas appeal. 4 WHAT'S LAC GOT TO DO WITH IT? L-acetyl carnitine is depleted by several antiretrovirals. The PWA Health Group will be carrying a quality-controlled brand of LAC. 5 MEMO TO: ALL HEALTH CARE WORKERS FROM: HEALTH CANADA HEALTH PROTECTION BRANCH RE: PROTEASE INHIBITORS AND HEMOPHILIA There have been approximately 16 cases of spontaneous bleeding episodes in HIV+ patients with hemophilia who were being treated with protease inhibitors. Health Protection Branch recommends continuing therapy but health care providers should monitor these patients. 6 NEW DRUG METHOD IN RUSSIA MAY BE BEHIND AIDS SPREAD Injection drugs that are tested for quality by the addition of blood may be behind rapid spread of HIV in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. 7 IS MEDICALERT FOR YOU? The Treatment Information Program is working appropriate wordings for MedicAlert for HIV+ persons. 8 ADVOCACY UPDATE: DENTAL SERVICES AND ENTITLEMENT Available coverage from BC Benefits (Income Assistance) and low cost or free dental services. 9 NON FICTION: SHORT STORIES BY CLYDE RICHARDSON "On the Bus Again" "Chemo Trails" 11 STRATEGIES FOR PROTEASE INHIBITOR FAILURE Possible approaches: Changing protease inhibitors, not very likely to be effective after drug failure. Combining protease inhibitors, not as easy as originally thought. Combining therapies for synergy, some anecdotal claims of success. Experimental approaches. 15 TREATMENT UPDATE The BCPWA Treatment Information Program -- a Profile. AIDS & Aging. Choices of Bodywork Therapies Threatened. 18 IS THE COCKTAIL PARTY OVER? People with AIDS were told a cocktail of drugs would keep them alive for many years. But hope is fleeting for an increasing number who are growing "tails" and breasts and seeing their viral loads skyrocket. 22 FEAR Poetry 23 CARROT MUFFINS Recipe POSITIVELY HAPPENING. Centre pull-out section. Calling the Pacfic AIDS Resource Centre, More Place to Call, Vancouver Services, Classified, Volunteer Opportunities, Vancouver Weekly, BC Groups & Programs
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