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British Columbia Persons With AIDS Society Newsletter Issue #103 June/July 1998

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On the cover: THE ART OF ACTIVISM Building AIDS awareness on canvas 4 EDITORIAL Doug McKay introduces BCPWA News' new look and tears a strip off the government's agenday 5 NEWSREEL We look at the latest heath, social and political issues for PWAs at home and around the world, including new drug treatments, a pregnancy study, and concern about an STD outbreak in BC. AIDS Drug Review Victory. Health Care Strike May Affect BCPWA. Peer Counsellors Graduate from BCPWA Training. HIV, Hepatitis C Spreading Through Prisons. Plasma-Washing Technique Approved. Leaders Worried by the Spread of AIDS. Many HIV-Positive Children Will Survive to Adolescence. Voluntary HIV Tests Preferable in Pregnancy. Syphilis Outbreak Hits BC. HIV/AIDS in the Elderly on the Rise. Failure of Cytarabine in Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy Associated with HIV Infection. 7 TREATMENT UPDATE A warning about a popular painkiller, and good news about exercise. THE TROUBLE WITH TYLENOL The popular pain reliever appears to cause more immune system damage to peopel with HIV/AIDS. PRIOR WASTING LINKED TO INCREASES IN VIRAL LOAD, EXERCISE IS NOT. A team of researchers in California has reported evidence of a direct link between prior weight loss and recent HIV levels in patients with AIDS-related wasting. High-intensity exercise deemed safe. 9 NON-FICTION. HOW CAN THIS BE? Clyde Richardson considers the perplexing state of life and friendship with HIV. "Fear is what you turn it into." 10 ADVOCACY NEWS Financial help may be available if you need to move. Ministry may help finance the high cost of moving. 11 THE ART OF ACTIVISM How a young artist and a seasoned activist collaborated on some powerful paintings that help raise awareness about HIV and AIDS. In a remote British Columbia town, AIDS Activist Richard Hollingsworth teamed up with Jeff Fletcher, a brilliant young artist, to create an art awareness project. Using Hollingsworth's HIV+ blood in the paint, Flecter created a sensation with his fantastical art which is now attracting international attention. 14 SHARING OUR SKILLS BCPWA needs your help, and you can gain valuable experience 15 KVIK RECIPES BY KASANDRA Jumbo Oatmeal Date Sandwich Cookies 16 POSITIVELY HAPPENING Your guide to just about everything -- support groups, medical clinics, help lines, free services, and much more! 22 LAST BLAST. IMPOSSIBLE DREAM The protease side effect no one's talking about. Ruben Acosta discovers some little-known treatment side effects and loses his fashion sense.
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