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British Columbia Persons With AIDS Society Newsletter Issue #106 December 1998/January 1999

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On the Cover: A CLASH OF RIGHTS Do Public Health Concerns Justify Withholding AIDS Drugs from Injection Drug Users? 4 EDITORIAL Injecting Rights into Our Lives: Injection drug users are allegedly being denied access to AIDS drugs and it's dead wrong. 5 NEWSREEL We take a look at the latest health, social and political issues for PWAs at home and around the world, including information about the Schedule C Advisory Group, Wings Housing gets their own building, and the most successful AIDS Walk we've had. Schedule C Advisory Group Brings Hope For New Year. Homes BC Funds Housing for People with HIV/AIDS. Drug Coctails Fail to Eliminate HIV from Semen. Money Raised by AIDS WALK Sets New Record. Therapeutic Vaccine in the Works. 7 TREATMENT UPDATE. WEIGHTY MATTERS. Is the New Tire Around Your Guts a Middle Age or Protease Problem? Protease giving you a paunch? A natural pot belly? Reduce or avoid it altogether with this article that gives you some strategies for reducing your fat intake and cholesterol. 9 NON-FICTION. WHAT IS HARM REDUCTION? The concept of Harm Reduction is explained in terms that everyone can understand. 10 ADVOCACY UPDATE Got the Winter Poverty Blues? Can't afford to get the essentials? The ins and outs of crisis benefits. 11 A CLASH OF RIGHTS Do public health concerns justify withholding AIDS drugs from injection drug users? A community forum was held in the downtown Eastside of Vancouver to discuss allegations that IDUs are being denied AIDS drugs. 14 SHARING OUR SKILLS. BCPWA needs your help and you can gain valuable experience. 15 KVIK RECIPES BY KASANDRA Chicken with rice and tomatoes and cheese, Kasandra bakes up an Italian to please. Risotto and Chicken Bake. 16 POSITIVELY HAPPENING Your guide to just about everything -- support groups, medical clinics, help lines, free services, and much more! 22 LAST BLAST Man the Protease torpedoes! The Borg have arrived in our space! Ever get the feeling you're stuck in an episode of Star Trek?
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