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British Columbia Persons With AIDS Society Newsletter Issue #107 February/March 1999

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On the Cover: LIVING POSITIVE. A Preview of our New Manual for People Living With HIV and AIDS. 4 EDITORIAL Fight for your Right to Light. BCPWA's Chair speaks his mind on the medical use of marijuana. 5 NEWSREEL We take a look at the lastest health, social, and political issues for PWAs at home and around the world, including: Theatre Postive performance is a hit, changes to the Complementary Health Fund, Lunch Club closes, Ritonavir & Ecstasy kills, YouthCo launches spicy zine, and much more. CHF Waiting List Abolished and Rates Adjusted: Benefits are Tied to Proceeds of AIDS Walk. Lunch Club Closes. PWA on Ritonavir Dies After Taking Ecstasy. YouthCO Launches Spicy 'Zine'. BCPWA AGM Highlights Growth and Achievements. BC Centre for Excellence Therapeutic Guidelines Online. New Antiretroviral Therapy Guide is Online. 7 TREATMENT UPDATE Tea Tree Oil Shows Promise Against Oral Fungal Infections. Doctors in the US have reported results from a small study of tea-tree oil "oral solution." Vits Help the Rits Go Down. Vitamins may help you tolerate ritonavir better. Patients' Immune Cells Armed for HIV. Strateguyu is aimed at maintaining and amplifying the T cell response. 9 NON-FICTION. Spirituality Brings Peace and Strength to Native PWA in Prison. Regaining lost spirituality brings inner peace to a native man who struggled with HIV and incarceration. 10 ADVOCACY UPDATE The Schedule C Advisory Group Gets Focused. 11 LIVING POSITIVE: AN EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW. BCPWA's venerable old positive living manual gets more than a face lift. It gets a new name, a dynamic new concept and a complete rewrite. BCPWA News is pleased to present an exclusive preview of the first two parts of Living Positive. 14 SHARING OUR SKILLS. BCPWA needs your help, and you can gain valuable experience. 15 KVIK RECIPES BY KASANDRA Kasandra does the bars, and cheesecake is the result... Cheesecake Bars. 16 POSITIVELY HAPPENING Your guide to just about everything -- support groups, medical clinics, help lines, free services, and much more! 22 LAST BLAST. Pushing Buttons! Pick a button, any button... New saying we'd like to see.
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