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British Columbia Persons With AIDS Society Newsletter Issue #108 April/May 1999

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On the Cover: TO TELL OR NOT TO TELL Relationships + Disclosure of HIV Status. 4 EDITORIAL The December-January cover photo causes some upset and starts a debate: Deadly Cover Stupid. Cover "triggers" dialogue. 5 NEWSREEL We take a look at the lastest health, social and political issues for PWAs at home and around the world, including: More on Medical Marijuana, HE 2000, Canadian AIDS Society's 2nd Annual Skill Building Symposium, will saliva provide the next HIV drugs, and much more. Canadian Government to Test Medical Marijuana: Minister shows leadership and courage. New Drug "Starves" the AIDS Virus. The 2nd Canadian HIV/AIDS Skills Building Symposium. HIV-Killing Proteins Found in Tears. UKs M.L. Labs Bullish on AIDS Gel for Women. BCPWA Membership Tops 4000. Sustiva Approved in Canada. Report Says Medical Pot Works. AIDS Pandemic is Worsening. 7 TREATMENT UPDATE Treatment Issues are Different for HIV Positive Women. An Overview from Living Positive. There are a number of opportunistic infections that affect only women. 9 INTERNAL EXCHANGE Reports from the Standing Committees of BCPWA. Collective Advocacy Committee Has Taken Active Role. BCPWA Website Activity Grows. 11 TO TELL OR NOT TO TELL. Telling othera about your HIV status. Disclosing your HIV diagnosis to friends, lovers, family, colleagues, neighbours, your children. When do you tell? How do you go about telling? Could you be held criminally liable for not telling? 14 SHARING OUR SKILLS. BCPWA needs your help, and you can gain valuable experience. 15 KVIK RECIPES BY KASANDRA Garlic, Rosemary, Dijon and honey! Now, that's the way to roast your turkey. Roast Turkey with Rosemary & Garlic. 16 POSITIVELY HAPPENING Your guide to just about everything -- support groups, medical clinics, help lines, free services, and much more! 21 IN MEMORIAM. DWIGT V Passed away on Januay 29, 1998. MICHAEL (SQUIRREL) GIBBONS Taken home by angels April 7, 1998. 22 LAST BLAST Important Healthcare News? Chuckles from the Internet.
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