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Anti-Poverty Committee News #10

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Anti-Poverty Committee
This is a newsletter of the Anti-Poverty Committee, an anti-capitalist and anti-oppression organization fighting for the rights of poor and working people in Vancouver, BC. This issue includes the articles: ""No One is Illegal: Refugees Deported, APC Members Arrested"" (on a demonstration against the deportation of Kobra and Hassan to Iran), ""APC One Year Later"" (reflecting on APC's first year organizing against Gordon Campbell's attracks on the poor), ""Against the War and Deportation"" (on the exploitation and victimization of refugees and immigrants), ""The War at Home"" (on the oppression of immigrants within Canada), ""Surviving and Resisting the Disability Cuts"" (on forums to address changes and cuts to Disability Benefits), ""Poverty is Violence Against Women"" (on the cutbacks as forms of state violence against women), ""HEU Resistance: Not Alberta Bound: The Chilliwack Laundry Blockade"" (on privatization of services by Fraser Health Authority), and ""The Take Down of the Woodward's Squat"" (on the various outcomes for the Woodward's squatters). It also has ""Upcoming Disability Actions,"" ""Direct Action Casework Victory,"" ""Definition of Flying Squad,"" ""HEU Action Update,"" and ""Other News"" (that the Lower Mainland Coalition for Social Justice has reformed). It also states their basis of unity and ways to get involved through meetings and donations.
community mobilization; Woodsquat; demonstrations; BC Liberals; racism; disability benefits; homelessness; immigrants; protest