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Anti-Poverty Committee News #9

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Anti-Poverty Committee
This is a newsletter of the Anti-Poverty Committee, an anti-capitalist and anti-oppression organization fighting for the rights of poor and working people in Vancouver, BC. This issue includes the articles: ""Resist and Survive the Cuts to Disability!"" (on the reapplication process and the organization of a Disability Forum), ""Give It or Guard It!"" (on a national social housing campaign), ""Casework Action: APC Makes Court Injunction Threat to Ministry of Human Resources"" (on the threat of violence against women due to Ministry's family maintenance process), ""Campaign Against the Cuts to Women's Services"" (on mobilizing on women's issues), ""BCFRA: We Will Fight You All the Way"" (on the BC Restaurant and Foodservices Association's advocating for the training wage), ""APC Actions: APC Goes to the Police Board"" (on questioning the police violence at the Woodward's squat and the Britannia police riot), ""Other Actions: APC Goes to City Hall"" (on the sale of the Woodward's building), ""Tents in the Heart of the City: An Update on the Woodward's Squat"" (on the city injunction against the squat and the continued struggle for social housing in the building), ""Other News: Woodward's 54 Update"" (on dropped charges against the 54 arrested squatters), ""Pivot Releases Damning Report of Police"" (on ""To Serve and Protect"" which describes Vancouver's police brutality), ""QUAK Attacks Liberals"" (on the actions of Queers United Against Kapitalism), ""Hands Off Iraq!"" (on a March for Peace demonstration) and ""Other News: APC Goes to Penticton"" (on a solidarity action). It also lists upcoming events, states their basis of unity, and ways to get involved through meetings and donations.
community mobilization; disability benefits; social housing; BC Liberals; Vancouver Police Department; training wage; violence against women; Woodwards; Vancouver City Council; protest