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Obstruction of In-Justice: Homes Not Jails

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Collective Opposed to Police Brutality - Vancouver
This is a newsletter (vol. 1, no. 3) of the Collective Opposed to Police Brutality - Vancouver that provides information, analysis, and critique of police actions locally, nationally, and internationally. It features the articles: 'Our Take' on the Woodward's squat and the responses by the Vancouver Police Department (VPD), the policies of the BC Liberals, and other squats in Canada (Toronto, Quebec City); 'Special Reports - Police Riot in East Vancouver' (reprinted from Indy Media - Vancouver) on the police violence against demonstrators awaiting Gordon Campbell at the Eastside Family Place. The Local News section, includes the articles: 'VANDU Gets a Human Rights Award,' 'Law Allowing Cop Searches Struck Down,' 'VDP Chief Jamie Says No to Legal Pot,' 'Kimberly Rogers Womyn's Bridage Member ????Such??? Victoria KKKops,' 'Police Steal Homeless People's Possessions,' 'Search Warrants Aren't a Licence to Abuse Inhabitants,' 'Night Cook Viciously Beaten by VPD KKKops,' 'Family of Missing Women Sue Police,' 'Drug Cop Says We Need Detox not Arrests,' 'Gay/Transgender Bashing Allowed by Police Indifference,' 'Police Terrorize East Vancouver Family,' 'Barbaresh Win Round 1 of Court Battle with U$A,' 'BC Police Complaints Commissioner Kills Probe,' 'RCMP Don't Give a Shit about Lesbian Campers Being Terrorized,' and 'Gastown Business Improvement Association (BIA), A Report from Our Inside Mole.' The National News section includes articles: 'Riot Police Attach Pro-Palestinian Demonstrators at Concordia University' and 'Homeless Killed by Cops' (in Montreal). Lastly, the International News section includes articles: 'Silence Dissent by Any Drug Necessary' (USA), 'Felony Assault on Animals' (PA, USA), 'Pigs Protect Pigs' (MA, USA), 'Impunity Again and Again' (WA, USA), 'Commemorating September 11?' (Chile), 'Cops' Assault on Anarchist' (Belarus), 'Killed for Heating and Water' (Azerbaijan), 'Police=Mental Virus' (France), ''No Border': Repression Goes On' (France), 'Police=Terrorist' (Spain), 'Celebrating 48 Dead Cops' (Nepal), ''We Don't Need Police Approval'' (Hong Kong), and 'Spies Don't Pay' (South Korea). Also included are two fliers, one for a demonstration at the upcoming VPD Broad Meeting and a 'Profile' on VPD and Mayday 2001 activists, along with ads for upcoming meetings and actions, including those of Vancouver Cop Watch. Throughout, the group advocates anti-oppression, anti-capitalism, and the democratic control of policing by communities.
police brutality; Vancouver Police Department (VPD); Campbell; Woodsquat; squatting; drug legalization; legal issues; homelessness; homophobia; racism; class discrimination