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The Long Haul (vol. 12, issue 3)

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End Legislative Poverty
This is a newsletter of End Legislative Poverty, The Long Haul. This issue features the articles: "Take to the Streets" on the two year limit welfare legislation; "Domestic Workers and Caregiver Rights"; "Great Escapes" on Ken Patterson's satirical drawings; "International Women's Day in Surrey BC" about budget cuts; BC Hydro Update; "A Battle Won" about DERA's successful advocacy for tenants of the Empress Hotel; "Save Our Water" on international and national policy, including NAFTA; "Putting Food First" on food security and policy; "Housing Action Committee" reporting on demonstrations, housing, and guest fees; "What's Been Happening in the DTES?" about rallies, gentrification, and squatter updates; "New Pharmacare Program is not 'Fair' Care for Everyone" on discrimination against seniors; "30 Years of Pay Equity Progress at Risk from Government's Health Privatization Plans" a report from the Hospital Employees Union; "Cuts to Trans Healthcare in BC" on changes in Medical Service Premium coverage; "UBC and the Liberals: Hand in Hand Pushing Workers Down" about Teacher's Assistants; "Olympic Bid Struggle Largely Over"; "Misery Ministry and BC Woes" on income assistance; "APC Launches Campaign against BC Liberal Welfare Laws"; "Sandwich Artists and Slumlords"; "Front Line Advocacy Workers - Appealing denial of disability benefits reassessment"; and a PovNet Update. It also includes letters from readers, coming events, cartoons, and advertisements for affiliated groups.
poverty; welfare cuts; rights; government; BC Liberals; demonstrations; policy; activism; housing; women