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The Long Haul (vol. 12, issue 7)

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End Legislative Poverty
This is a newsletter of End Legislative Poverty, The Long Haul. This issue features the articles: "Why is the Provincial Government Funding Polygamists?" on funding to Bountiful; "CBC Uncovers Documents on the Welfare Time Limit"; "Tent Cities open in Montreal and Vancouver"; Letters from readers on "Mental Health on the Sunshine Coast" and "A Reaction to the I.O.C. Decision Accepting Vancouver to Host the 2010 Winter Olympics"; "Great Escapes" on ELP volunteer Bernie Boyd; "Three Month Anniversary of the Safe Injection Site" and the Four Pillar Approach; "What's up with our Schools?" on cuts; "Women's Equality Minister's Hands Are Tied" a report by the BC Coalition of Women's Centres; "Vancouver Status of Women's Response to Welfare Changes in BC"; "The Power of a Tenants Union" on the Residential Tenancy Act; "Proud of What?" criticizing MLA Lorne Mayencourt ; "The Victory Squat - Vancouver"; "Tent City - We Demand Decent Housing for Everyone!"; "Squatting in Peterborough - Ontario"; "Kitchener Squat - Ontario"; "Discovering the Real Heartlands" and Community Rights Against Poverty (C.R.A.P.); "Women in Men's Prisons Unacceptable"; "Turmoil at Ministry for Children and Family Development puts Families, Children at Risk"; "Psychiatric Survivors Speak Out at United Nations"; Front Line Advocacy Workers's survey "Facing the Cuts: A Survey for Advocates and Service Providers Working with Welfare and Poverty Issues in BC"; "Open Letter to Friends and Allies of People with Disabilities"; "Attention Women Advocates" concerning the cuts that affect violence against women; and "Time Limit Meeting". It also has a listing of advocates around British Columbia, cartoons, upcoming events, and advertisements from affiliated groups.
poverty; welfare cuts; rights; government; BC Liberals; policy; activism; housing; squatting; women